Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is AlienCheck?
2- What is AlienCheck Internet of Things?
3- Who can I write to?
4- Who can I reach out to?
5- What types of devices can I install?
6- How do I know who in my contacts has AlienCheck account?
7- How can I change my username?
8- How can I change my profile picture?
9- How do I delete my profile picture?
10- How do I log out of my AlienCheck account?
11- What kinds of messages can I communicate in AlienCheck?
12- How can I send an AlienCheck and Apsara Sticker?
13- How can I save a message in AlienCheck?
14- How can I send messages individually?
15- How can I find a communication chart?
16- How can I send photos?
17- How can I send videos?
18- How can I share my location?
19 - How can I delete my account?